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Product write-off

Write-off of goods from the warehouse

You can write off any set of goods from the warehouse. In this case, a write-off is formed, it may or may not be associated with the client. If the withdrawal is associated with a customer, it will also be displayed in the customer card.

The goods in the write-off are first reserved, which means that the goods are still in the warehouse, but it is no longer possible to take them to another write-off. Further, when the goods are actually issued, they are written off.

You can always see the list of all write-offs and find out the details of the interest.

Debit card

The debit card displays all the necessary information on debit. Composition, from where it was written off, to whom it left. You can also print the necessary documents, for example TORG-12 and TORG-13.
The system is not limited by these documents. You can create templates of any documents in a Word and integrate them into the system.

While the item has not been issued for the write-off, you can add a new item to the current write-off. After the product has been vacated, the product remains in the write-off, i.e. you can see its history, but the goods disappear from the warehouse.

You can also attach any required documents.