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File storage

ERP-Platform has its own file storage system integrated into the platform configurator.

The basis is the same as elsewhere. You can create folders, attach files, assign access rights.
But at the same time it is possible to integrate file windows into various modules of the platform. Files can be bound to system identifiers. For example, to tasks, projects, requests, clients, etc. They are also stored in folders, but for example, each task has its own file pool in this folder. At the same time, the user from the shared directory may not have rights to these files, but he can see them in the task if he has the corresponding rights to the task.

A file system backup can be saved by the same means as a company account configuration backup, but if necessary, file system backup can be disabled, for example, to save space.

Each company account has its own isolated container with files, which technically does not overlap with other accounts.