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Email Channels

Mail channel

Mail channels can be used to process information from the outside. By connecting the channel to your mailbox, the system can be configured to process incoming information.

In the normal mode, the system implements processing in the application system, but the system is not limited to this. You can connect different mailboxes to different channels and program them to process this or that information by creating a trigger on the mail channel table.

You can create an unlimited number of mail channels. Each mail channel is an organization mailbox.
The mailbox is registered and located on the enterprise side. Only access parameters are specified in the account. The format for receiving and sending messages.

All messages go to the distribution center. This is a table in the system into which the receipt channel, its details and contents are written. Further, for example, in the application system, based on the message, a client is searched for and an application is created.

PS: The distribution center has a universal basis, it is not necessary to create a ticket. You can program any actions in the system, depending on the channel of receipt (mail to which the letter came) and its content. You can create tasks contractors, leave comments on projects, etc. ... any action you can think of. For the new algorithm, a procedure is written performing the required action in the database and is hung on the trigger for the receipt of information in the distribution center.

In the application, you can send messages to clients and receive their responses. The system will independently determine which order by the message header owns the message, and will include the customer's comment in the ticket body.