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Personal data viewing log

In accordance with the legislation, the system implements universal logs for viewing personal data. They can be connected to any module. In them, based on blockchain technologies (which excludes the option of forgery), who and when viewed what personal data are recorded.


The counterparty management module is the core of any ERP system. These can be your customers, partners, suppliers - any person or organization, to which the company provides services or has other contractual relationships. Most of the company's work, one way or another, is carried out around counterparties.

The counterparty card is the central element that can link tasks, projects, orders, transactions, work schedules. Even a Lead can be associated with a counterparty, if the counterparty turned out to be from him.

The counterparty card stores all the details, the history of their changes, contracts, contacts, invoices, the history of all work with the client for tasks, projects, applications, deals, offers. You can leave any notes, attach arbitrary documents.
Contractors can be divided into types, entered organizational and legal forms, grouped into groups.

Our service supports a full cycle of work with clients. You can organize work to attract new customers, Leads-Offers-Deals, you can provide ongoing customer service using Tasks and Projects, you can organize a support service and accept Requests from customers (for example, claims for faults). Maintain statistics of emerging problems with clients and organize work to eliminate these problems.

Since the Company Account is fully editable, the counterparty card is not limited to basic functions. Contractors can add any characteristics, create any modules specific to your business.


The system supports the maintenance of a structured address in the context of objects. In addition to the legal and actual address, each counterparty the "Service submission address" can also be entered.

If your company provides services with reference to addresses, or has facilities for the provision of services, then this mechanism will be very useful.
In the system, you can create objects in which the address to the building will already be sewn, and already in buildings for each client, you can detail the addresses. Thanks to such a system, customers can be grouped according to the structural elements of the address, for example, for mailings, calls or other purposes. Or it is easy to report for agency fees to management companies or property owners.

The system provides for the maintenance of end-to-end numbering of Personal Accounts at the Addresses of service delivery and Counterparties. Thanks to this, the company has the opportunity, for example, to provide the client with the opportunity to pay for services or entirely for the counterparty, or in parts according to their addresses, simply indicating the required personal account in the payment order.


You can freely invoice your counterparties.
The details are filled in automatically, according to the counterparty's credentials and your details.

The invoice form can be freely edited to suit your style in the Word, after the document template is loaded into the system and everything is inserted there automatically.

Requisites, Contracts

You can maintain extended details for the client. Form and print contracts in your format.

Contacts, Documents, Notes

The platform allows you to track the entire history of the client. Save contacts of any type, as well as perform automation by contact, for example, mailing lists when integrating with your respective providers. You can attach any files and documents. Write any notes.


The system can be integrated with various providers (considered individually). All your calls can be distributed by caller ID to your clients if contact numbers are indicated. Those. in the card of each client, you can watch billing with him.


All warehouse transactions with the customer are displayed here. What was given to him, according to what documents. Directly from the Warehouse tab, you can go to specific invoices, view the history of goods, serial numbers.

Tasks, Projects

The client card is integrated with all platform modules. Including you can see what tasks or projects were performed for a given client.


The platform supports a full cycle of work with a client, from sales (CRM), and work organization (Tasks, Projects) to post-sales support. In the Orders tab, you can view the history of the client's requests, by whom, when and what work was performed. Full history of correspondence.


The section Charts of the client card displays detailed information when and what work was carried out on it. For what applications, projects, tasks, transactions. Who conducted them.