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Reconciliation of accounts

Internal document management system.

Consists of:
  1. Document registration module.
  2. Account reconciliation module.
Document registration module allows you to register and maintain in electronic form all incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Invoice Reconciliation Module is a customizable invoice payment reconciliation system.

Invoice reconciliation module

The module automates the process of working with applications for payment of invoices.

The approval system allows you to customize the stages of payment approval for any bill. As a rule, these stages are four:

Fixed stages:
1) Initiation - any employee can initiate payment approval.
2) Manager - after filling in the data and initiating the approval, the document is sent to the head of this group or unit for confirmation.

Custom stages:
3) Administration. After confirmation by the head, the document can be sent for approval by the administration
4) Accounting. After full agreement, the document is sent to the accounting department for processing.

Etc. stages you can think of any.

A register of payments is provided for planning the financial burden. Agreed payments can be allocated to payment registries on a specific date.