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This is a universal tool for integrating the ERP-Platform system with any external services.

Allows you to organize:
  1. Reception of information from outside with any subsequent processing and storage of data (Request)
  2. Transfer of information outside by event inside the system (Webhook)
  3. Limit requests by client IP address

Receiving or sending information on request from outside.

A detailed description with an example of use is in the instructions at

About 1000 procedures for getting, changing, adding, deleting data in all configuration modules are available for use.

Transfer of information to the outside by event. Webhook

A detailed description with an example of use is in the instructions at in the Webhook section. The webhook is technically organized as follows
  1. The user specifies the address of his receiving script on the Internet. It is possible to specify several scripts and bind each webhook to its own response configuration.
  2. The user creates the names of the webhooks he needs, their identifiers will be specified in the user script for ease of processing.
  3. The user creates a trigger for the events he needs in the system, or procedures that can be triggered by user actions (for example, by clicking a button) or at a specified time. In them, the received data is transferred to the webhook created by him.
  4. On a given event, the system will send the specified data to the receiving user's script