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Document templates

Document Templates

ERP-Platform allows you to create templates for any documents and automatically fill them with data.

It is very comfortable. If you need any specific document, just make it in Word, or download a standard form. And connect it in the configuration of your account.

Document preparation

All required fields are filled in the document with the format $ {your identifier}. The required value will be automatically substituted into this place.

Template Configuration

The configuration of the release template is conveniently released.

Everything is divided into:
  • Simple parameters
  • Table parameters
Simple parameters

Simple values ​​are specified in headers and non-scalable fields. Those. they work throughout the document.

Table parameters

If you need to display some lists, then a table is created in the Word and parameters are specified in its fields.

When receiving parameters, the system indicates that it will be a table, i.e. set of lines. For example, a list of items in an invoice. In this case, the system will understand that it is necessary not only to insert values. But also for each line in the Word file, create a new line and fill it in.

Getting values ​​

After creating a simple or table parameter, you can fall into it and specify a table or a procedure and conditions for filtering values.

For example, on a print screen, when receiving a list of goods when writing off from a warehouse, the standard procedure Warehouse_DATA_Add_ID is used.

In the conditions for entering the procedure, the value of the write-off ID from the warehouse is supplied. It will be present in the Param_1 variable since this template is in the product write-off window.

Further, in the fields of return values ​​of the procedure, the parameters that were specified in the Word document (num, date, sk_1, etc.) are indicated. It is by these names that the data will be entered in the Word document.