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Settlement system

Agreement with ERP-Platforma LLC

The "Finance" section of the company account is available only to users with Administrator rights. It is intended for managing tariffs, payments and signing closing documents (Act, Invoice).

The public offer for concluding a license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is located at . The acceptance of this Agreement is the fact of registering an account. Anyone can register an account and use the free version of the platform or the paid version in accordance with tariffs.

In the finance section, you can see the text of the offer agreement, your personal account, current balance, tariff plan, available number of employees and available disk space.

Contract write-offs and balance

Funds are replenished in advance. Then the system debits funds daily in the amount of the daily payment.

The daily payment is calculated based on / . For example, in November 30 days, the subscription fee is 6000 rubles per month. 6000/30 = 200 rubles will be debited daily.

The write-off takes place at one in the morning for the previous day. For example, on November 15 at 1:00, funds will be debited for the period of use from November 14 0:00:00 to November 15 0:00:00.

If there was a tariff change on that day, for example, from Tariff 1 to Tariff 2 on November 14 at 12:35:42. That cancellation from 0:00:00 to 12:35:42 will be according to Tariff 1, and from 12:35:43 to 0:00:00 on November 15 according to Tariff 2.

All the details on write-offs can be found in the "Write-offs" section by filtering the required period by date (example in the picture).

If the balance is suddenly depleted, the platform will switch to viewing mode until the required amount is replenished. All active elements of adding information will be blocked. The Promised Payment is also provided. For example, if you forgot to pay, the payment takes a long time, but you need to work - you can activate it for a period of 3 days.


You can view the entire history of your tariffs or change the tariff plan in the "Tariffs" section. The tariff can be changed at any time if the following conditions are met:
  1. There is an amount on the balance sheet of the agreement that is sufficient for the monthly use of the new Tariff. If this is not the case, then before changing the tariff, you must top up the balance.
  2. The number of active employees corresponds to the capabilities of the new Tariff. If this is not observed, the system will ask you to deactivate the required number of employees.
The rate is applied the same second. Daily debiting will be based on the actual use of time for each tariff with an accuracy of a second.

You can also connect additional packages to the tariff. The number of additional packages is not limited. They can be connected and disconnected at any time. In this case, the daily write-off will take place based on the actual time of the packets validity, accurate to the second.

Closing documents (Act, Invoice)

On a monthly basis, closing documents are automatically generated at the end of the month. The amount is formed from the sum of all daily charges that were in the month for which the document is generated. Different tariffs and additional packages are taken into account in separate lines.

On the part of the Licensee (the company using the platform), the document is signed by entering its own digital signature. EDS is entered by a person who has the authority to sign, for example, the General Director or the Chief Accountant.
The Act and Invoice can be opened using the corresponding links as a PDF document.
They will contain all the information about mutual settlements for the month. It will be signed with a simple electronic signature, according to the Public Offer for the conclusion of a license agreement located at

An example of an Act is shown in the figure.

Service for verification of documents with a simple electronic signature at ERP-Platforma LLC

If you got a document signed by a simple electronic signature at ERP-Platforma LLC at any time, you can check the authenticity of the signatures in a special verification service at

If you enter the code of any simple electronic signature from the document into the verification service, the service will display the signature confirmation, as well as the document data for its verification.

We also recommend reading our article on Habré, about using a simple electronic signature in documents

Payment of license fees

Name : ООО «ЕРП-Платформа»
Current account: 40702.810.4.38000184126
INN :9731004286
Corr. account :30101.810.4.00000000225
Example of payment purpose: Payment for the right to use the SaaS version of the "ERP-Platform" program (personal account No.0000000)