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Automated loading

System for universal loading of massive information

If you need to download a large amount of this or that information, and due to the volumetric it is very laborious to enter it through the interface one by one, then this mechanism solves these problems.

The main problem of entering information is that the format of its storage in the system may differ from the format in which this information is structured in its original form. To solve this problem, you need to create a procedure that receives information at the entrance in the original format, but will enter it into the system in the format necessary for the system and build connections. For example contacts, they must have a connection with customers. But if you add customers and contacts separately, customers will have their own identifiers, which are not in the original contact format. Therefore, it is solved, for example, by entering into the original format of contacts either some identifiers or text names of clients. In the loading procedure, in this case, when processing each contact, it is necessary to check the names of clients and get a connection with an existing client.

This mechanism allows you to download a file with information in its original form and indicate the procedure that was prepared for the correct entry of this information.

Bulk loading of contractors and contacts

This is a special case of mass loading of information that has been standardized (i.e. often used). It is located in the menu: Clients -> Bulk Upload.

To facilitate the initial entry of data, a system of mass loading of contractors and contacts from external sources is provided. It is necessary to generate an Excel file of a certain format and then follow the instructions.

Hundreds and thousands of customers and contacts can be added to the system at once, without having to worry about integrations.