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CRM - sales management module.

Leads, Deals, Quotes, Sales Funnel, Marketing Events .

With the help of CRM, you can control the sales process and increase their level.

In CRM, you can work with both existing customers and keep track of potential customers. Analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Supervise the sales department.
Offer - will help to familiarize the client with the subject of a potential deal.

All offers can be associated with a lead, a deal and a specific client in the system. When the offer goes to the deal status, the deal can be created with one click, based on the information in the offer. The system will also store all the connections between the lead, deal, offer and the client.
There can be several proposals: preliminary, ..., final.

The proposal form can be printed, saved in pdf. The proposal form template is edited to fit the company format.

The history of customer offers can always be viewed in his card, in the CRM tab.

An offer stores the entire history of user actions on it. You can also add any comments to the proposal, attach files and documents, add contacts, assign current statuses.