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Notification system

The notification system operates in the vice centralized hub, while being integrated into the company's account configuration.

Integration into the configuration allows flexible management of the notification system.
For flexible management, notifications can be accessed through the SYSTEM_NOTIFICATIONS table. You can include notifications in SQL queries, create triggers and procedures, generate notifications from any module.

Also, notifications can be connected to the API system for integration with external services. For example, a notification to a user can be relayed outside, or from the outside, a notification can be sent inside the system.

The notification system is implemented in the form of a hub where everything flows. A notification is an event. And delivery of this notification to the user is a separate task.
By default, the notification is always delivered in the interface. But you can also connect other delivery methods. For example, duplicate it via telegram. Or duplicate by mail, if you have a mail channel connected to the system with your corporate mail. Any methods of external integration of the notification system through the API are also available.