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List of employees


The personnel management system includes all the necessary mechanisms for creating the regular structure of the organization. You can create an unlimited number of employees, but the number of employees can be active in accordance with your tariff plan.

The system allows you to enter any positions, create any divisions. In addition to departments, employees can be combined into working groups, if necessary, linked to certain services, for example, all tasks for Service 1 can be automatically sent to Group 1, and Services 2 can be sent to Group 2.
In this case, these employees can work together, despite what can be located in different divisions according to the company's staffing table. The same employee can also be a member of several working groups. Or be listed at the same time in different departments.
An employee can also be a manager or subordinate in departments or groups.

Editing employee card

Only a user with the Administrator role has the right to edit an employee card

Departments You can create a structure of departments in accordance with the staffing table of the company. An employee can be simultaneously in several departments.

You can create a job structure according to your company's rickety timetable. An employee can only have one position at a time. When changing a position, the old position is archived with the corresponding date range and can be displayed in documents in accordance with the history of changes, i.e. the old documents will display the title at that time.

All contacts of the employee are entered here (phones, email, etc.), indicating the type of contact.

Activation / Deactivation
The administrator can activate or deactivate the employee. If an employee is deactivated, he cannot get into the company account.
The system allows you to create an unlimited number of working groups and unite employees in them. One employee can be in different groups. Groups can also create work boards.

Groups by task type
You can link types of tasks or services to groups. Those. if an employee is a member of Group 1 with reference to Task Type 1, then all tasks with this type will be automatically sent to this group.

Roles (rights)
Employees come and go, but their responsibilities remain. A role is a set of specific access rights to system functions. When a new employee comes to the position of the previous one, you just need to assign him a Role, and automatically all the functions that were available to his predecessor will become available to him.

Password recovery
If an employee has forgotten his username or password, then the administrator from his card can send him a temporary password by mail to enter. Using a temporary password, the employee will get into the company's account and from his card can change his password to any of his own. Clear passwords are not stored in the system. Only the hash of the password is stored. Those. no one has any technical ability to see the password, even the platform administration. If the password is lost, it is only possible to assign a new password through a temporary password.

In this section, the administrator can view all actions on the employee's card, except for highly confidential information, such as a password. It records who, what, for what and when contributed, changed, deleted.

Employee card

The employee's card has personal functions that are available only to him and not even to the administrator.

Files and Notes
The employee in his card can store personal files and write notes.

Change password
Only an employee can change his password on his own card. If he has forgotten the password, then the administrator must click on the "Send temporary password" button. After logging into the system, the employee needs to enter a temporary password in the "Old password" field and come up with a new password for himself.

If an employee has Telegram connected, he can enable the two-factor authorization system.

Electronic signature
All closing documents with the company "ERP-Platforma" are signed using Simple Electronic Signature. To be able to sign an employee who is responsible for this (for example, an Accountant), you can enter a code word in the "Electronic Signature" section in accordance with the service use offer agreement. After that, this employee will be able to sign documents from your company.

In this section, an employee can connect his device with Telegram to the platform. To do this, you need to find the ErpPlatforma bot, start a dialogue with it and send it a hash from this section. Then click on the "Enter dialog ID" button. After that, the employee will receive all system notifications on the device.