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CRM - sales management module.

Leads, Deals, Quotes, Sales Funnel, Marketing Events .

With the help of CRM, you can control the sales process and increase their level.

In CRM, you can work with both existing customers and keep track of potential customers. Analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Supervise the sales department.
Lead (lead, target lead) is a potential client who has responded in one way or another to marketing communication. The term lead has become customary to designate a potential buyer, contact with him, obtained for subsequent managerial work with the client.
It can be an email, a phone number, or some kind of event: any information that serves as a source for your sales managers; all, what you can “catch on” to get a client in the future.

Leads can be created manually, but you can configure their creation based on any events in the system.

Each lead has its own access rights, by default it is available only to its creator and will not appear in general lists. But you can configure access to the lead for your department, your group, or all users. If access is specified to a group or department, and the employee belongs to several groups or departments, then the lead will be available to all these groups / departments.

Lead statuses reflect the process of his life: from "Not processed" to "Converted" in case of success, or "Poor quality lead" in case of failure.
Statuses can be assigned by the user and can be arbitrary. In the basic version, the following chain of statuses is organized: Not processed - Responsible has been appointed - Information clarification - Unable to contact - In processing - Processing paused - Restored - Low-quality lead - Converted.
You can create a customer based on lead data with one click. A new customer card will appear in the system, and the lead will be automatically assigned follow him for history.

With lead tracking, you can analyze the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. You can see how many leads were converted into customers. What marketing strategy brought in how much and how much failed.

The system for logging user actions allows you to understand what operations were carried out on a particular lead.